Pixel 30 Table with Recycled Plastic

Country: UK

The Pixel table’s design makes a playful reference to its previous incarnation of discarded IT components, taking its strong geometric lines from the jagged edges of low-res pixelated forms.  The rectilinear pattern also hints at other computer themes such as early punch card programming and vintage gaming such as Tetris or Space Invaders.  Interestingly, but not intentionally, this tech-inspired castellated pattern is also redolent of older themes seen in Chinese, Islamic and Gothic styles.

A version of The Pixel 30 Coffee Table Is Created Using Recycled Plastic ‘Ecosheet’, A Material Made By Compressing Ground-Up Electrical Cables, Household And IT Products. The Process Produces A Recycled Material With Stone-Like Appearance That Is Normally Just Used In Agriculture And Construction.

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